The Five o’Clock Fix


Grocery Savings Made Simple is the real mom’s guide to saving money on groceries!

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The Five o’Clock Fix is unlike any other meal planning book or course out there because it guides you through creating your own grocery shopping and meal planning system tailored exactly to fit your family. And once you’ve created your system, you can keep on using it forever. There are no weekly or monthly to dos. When life’s busy seasons arise, you’ll still be saving money and staying on budget.

Here’s what you can expect when you enroll in Grocery Savings Made Simple.

 Week 1

  • Get acquainted with the simple grocery savings system that works for your family
  • Discover how to save $60 per month in 60 minutes or less (that’s $720 saved per year! One student even saved $122 per month in just 28 minutes!)

Week 2

  • Simplify your scratch cooking routine.
  • Find out what you should and shouldn’t make from scratch.
  • Learn how to cross meal planning off your to-do list forever.

Week 3

  • Find out where to shop and when to shop to save the most money on groceries in your locale.
  • Get the grocery savings cheat sheet to start saving now.

Week 4

  • Find out what to buy to save the most money on groceries
  • Start using your grocery savings system
  • Keep saving year after year

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Grocery Savings Made Simple

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